Railway Transport

Rail-based solutions offer great flexibility in both pricing and time, not to mention the environmental benefits. Compared to ocean and road, it is greatly dependable with high speed over long distances and is well organized with fixed routes and schedules. This unique connection enables the transportation of containers from China to the Netherlands within 15 days. This is many times faster than transport by sea freight (30 days) and just a few days extra than air freight (7 days), while the rates are only a quarter of the airfreight rates and less than double of the sea freight rates


  • On average 30 days faster than sea freight
  • Only a quarter of the rates of air freight
  • Reliable
  • High frequency
  • Competitive rates
  • Track & Trace during the entire route, including temperature information reefer containers
  • Excellent hinterland connections from terminals in China and the Netherlands
  • All facilities available at the terminals
  • Book S.O.C. (Shipper Owned Container) as well as C.O.C (Carrier Owned Containers)